Cork Yoga Set Pack

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Get all your yoga gear at one place! All you need to start your yoga practice: our yoga set with a cork yoga mat and 2 yoga bricks at a great price!

  • non-slip surfaces for both yoga mat and yoga blocks;
  • very comfortable and soft textured but strong enough to support your body weight;
  • great quality and incredible durability;
  • cork is naturally antibacterial, easy to clean and water/sweat resistant;
  • 100% natural with sustainable and renewable materials harvest and made in Portugal.
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Because a cork yoga mat will always combine perfectly with cork yoga blocks, we created a pack where you can get both at the same time and at a better price. Enjoy a well-crafted product that has an historical guarantee of high performance.

Cork Yoga set:  yoga mat and blocks

It has a silky feeling to the touch, and is loved by many, making our cork yoga mat already a classic product. It has a really long term durability and perfect grip.

With this yoga set you get all yoga gear you’ll ever need! An incredible yoga mat and 2 yoga blocks! It’s the best solution for yoga practice on a daily basis and for all family.

We combine two products of exceptional value in one package, so you have all you need to start right away.

  • the simplicity of cork speaks for itself: eco-freindly and soft texture;
  • has great flexibility and durability
  • our blocks also provide the best stability to that difficult exercises.

Forget all those times that you can’t keep in a position because you are slipping on the mat, forget about mats made of artificial materials that over time lose their thickness and disintegrate. Forget the smell of rubber while practicing yoga.

The powerful simplicity of using our yoga mat and blocks: feel it yourself

When you are on a mat with a cork surface, you will have a silky feel on your hands and feet and you will sense a pleasant cork smell that never fades over time.

When you are doing those tough positions that require the most effort and concentration, you no longer have to worry about whether or not to slip on the mat, as cork is highly slip-resistant, even if wet or even if your hands are sweaty.

It is all these reasons that make our cork yoga mat a true classic.

With our cork yoga set you have all you need for as long as you need it! Our comfortable yoga mat and 2 amazing and sturdy yoga blocks!

Portuguese Cork tradition and its versatility

All our products are made in Portugal, a country with a long tradition when it comes to cork. We have been handling cork since the beginning of the Portuguese discoveries, 500 years ago, where the Portuguese caravels were covered with cork, those same caravels that helped us cross the oceans to discover new great lands and opportunities.

Cork: a 100% natural material and a highly versatile product, which has proven its exceptional value many times. Nowadays is used in different industries because it has a high value due to his great performance and crafty look. Here’s some examples we bet you didn’t knew about:

  • Insulation used by NASA: NASA associated with portuguese companies to use cork to provide insulation solutions where it has played a critical role in the thermal protection for spaceships.
  • A Cork Surfboard: Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara, who has surfed one of the largest waves in the world in Nazaré Canyon, has a surfboard made entirely of portuguese cork specially for that purpose.


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