Cork Yoga Mat

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Perfect for all family and for great variety of exercises anywhere, our Cork Yoga mat will help you feel in contact with nature: good for body and mind!

  • is anti-slip and with great grip – is perfect for all floor types;
  • has soft texture but is steady and comfortable;
  • cork is naturally antibacterial and easy to clean;
  • great quality and extremely durable even with lots of use;
  • water and sweat resistant;
  • made with 100% natural materials – cork and natural rubber – harvested in sustainable conditions and produced by specialists in Portugal.


Cork Yoga mat made from nature

Our cork yoga mat is already very popular in the yoga community, as well in pilates and other fitness exercises, like calisthenics (bodyweight exercises) due to is high durability and fantastic grip.

The yoga mat has two layers: one of cork and one of natural rubber. This way we guarantee an ideal thickness of four centimeters. It is a comfortable yoga mat with a soft and unique texture.

With our Cork Yoga mat you will experience a smooth but not slippery surface and a smooth but steady base which adapts to all different kinds of floor types and exercises. Cork is also a material that helps absorb humidity and so does not soak sweat which helps to maintain its natural and steady grip. But don’t worry! Our cork mat is also anti-bacterial so the good hygiene of your mat is covered!

Whether you are an experienced yoga practitioner or are just still deciding if yoga is for you, we recommend you practice Yoga or Pilates in the most secure, comfortable way: and that is for sure using our cork yoga mat. Cork is also a very special material as brings so many benefits for your yoga exercise as for our environment:

  • water and sweat resistant;
  • easy to clean;
  • durable in shape and over time;
  • antibacterial and anti-slip;
  • all natural materials and made from experienced manufacturers in Portugal.

The perfect yoga mat to use in your house, at the gym or yoga studio and perfect for all family.

In contact with nature: a sustainable and eco-friendly mat

Beside cork, our yoga mat is also made with natural rubber on the base. Natural rubber is produced mainly by the rubber tree but as well from other trees and plants. It is an elastic substance obtained from the latex sap of trees and it came as a substitute of the artificial synthetic rubber.

It is 100% natural and biodegradable with some unique properties:

  • high strength (tensile and tear)
  • outstanding resistance
  • has the ability to stick to itself and to other materials
  • forms an excellent barrier to water.

Both materials have a powerful grip, the rubber for different floor types and the cork for the human body. It’s literally skin to skin, only this way your skin is touching tree skin, you really feel that you have a piece of oak tree with you and are putting it to good use.

This is why our cork yoga mat has a powerful combination of only natural and recyclable materials, harvested in an environment friendly way.

The touch, the scent and its incredible durability will make you fall in love even more with yoga. You will not only feel the benefits of your yoga practice but you will associate it with a warm feeling of being on top of gentle tree skin and ultimately in contact with nature.



Size 1.83 x 0.65 meters | 4 mm thickness

In box 66x13x15 cm

Weight in box 1.5 Kg

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 66 × 13 × 15 cm

1.83 x 0.65 meters


4 mm


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