Perfecting a balance pose or trying out the downward dog is hard enough without wearing uncomfortable clothes when you’re doing it. Therefore, when you are out on your yoga shop, its essential that you purchase the right clothes so you’re not struggling during a workout. The fitness clothes you buy will depend on your personal preferences as well as the type of yoga you plan on practicing. But in general, here is what you should wear during a session.


What You Should Wear During a Yoga Session

  • Flexible, breathable, bottoms, they can either be yoga pants or shorts
  • A form-fitting or narrow top that won’t fall over your head when you are in an upside-down position
  • For women, a bra that offers good support such as a sports bra
  • A warm comfortable top for savasana at the end of class


Yoga Clothes – What You Should Look For

During your yoga shop for clothes, you will need to look for specific features. The majority of yoga clothes are made from spandex-nylon-polyester blends, these fabrics provide the right balance of flexibility, comfort and breathability.

  • Flexibility: You will be rolling, reaching, lunging, binding, stretching, bending and much more during a yoga session; therefore, you need to wear clothes that are going to move with you. Therefore, during your yoga shop for clothes, make sure that what you purchase is made up of a minimum of 15 percent spandex.
  • Comfort: The last thing you need is to be uncomfortable during a yoga session. When you are tuning into your body, you don’t want to focus on too tight, saggy, tags, seams that make you itch, or fabric that chafes and binds.
  • Breathability: There are some types of yoga that make you sweat a lot; since this is the case, you will need to wear moisture-wicking and breathable material to keep you comfortable and cool during a session. Shirts with cut-outs, tank tops, and mesh pocketed yoga pants will help with venting and breathability. Stay away from cotton because it holds moisture and will make you feel damp and hot during the class, and afterwards when things start to wind down, you’ll be left feeling chilly.


Clothes to Wear to Yoga Class

When you go shopping you will need to wear certain clothes; by the way, I’d just like to point out that this is not a fashion competition. You don’t go to yoga sessions to show off and compare the latest gear. However, it is important that you wear the right clothes that are comfortable and suitable for the session or you won’t be able to focus properly which defeats the entire purpose of you going.

Yoga clothes fall into the category known as athleisure, which means that people not only wear yoga clothes for functional purposes, but they have also become a fashion statement. Therefore, you will find yoga clothes in wild patterns, bright colors, mesh cut-outs, with pockets and much more. While all this is nice, the most important aspect of your yoga clothes is function and this is what you should pay attention to on your yoga shop. When you are trying on yoga clothes, do some of the poses you are familiar with such as the high crescent lunge or the downward facing dog to test out how flexible the clothing is. Your typical wardrope of yoga clothes should include the following:

  • Yoga pants/leggings
  • Yoga shorts
  • Yoga tops
  • Yoga sweaters/jackets
  • Sports bras
  • Yoga socks
  • Breathable underwear


Wrap Up

Everyone loves shopping, so take some friends along with you and have some fun while you look for the best clothes to suit your needs. But don’t forget it is not only your exercise clothes that shoud suit your needs! Find out the perfect yoga gear to match with your clothes and get ready to succeed with your yoga exercise!