Whether you’re a keen yoga bunny or you’re thinking of starting the practice as a newbie, you won’t get very far without yoga accessories. While there are some accessories you might consider only when you’re more comfortable in what you are doing, there are plenty that can be purchased right from the get-go.


Why are yoga accessories important?

Doing yoga without accessories, whether you’re practicing on your living room carpet or on hardwood flooring, isn’t going to be very comfortable or practical. For this reason, some accessories, like cork mats and blocks are necessary. They’ll allow you to practice your routines in comfort and safety.

Other accessories may not be deemed essential, but have been designed to enhance the yoga experience tenfold. A more practiced yoga lover may require yoga equipment such as wheels, supports and straps to carry out more difficult and intense routines.


What yoga accessories can I buy?

Yoga accessories range from the more basic items, like mats and blocks, to the more advanced, like straps, bolsters, wedges, wheels, knee pads and sand bags. For all yoga lovers, including newbies to the practice, a yoga mat is the essential accessory. It will help you to stay stable in balances and prevent you from slipping across the floor. Beside, it offers some cushioning for moves that are tougher on the hands or knees.

Other yoga accessories, like wedges, blocks and bolsters are good for taking the pressure off some of the more challenging yoga moves. You can use them to place your hands on if you can’t reach the floor in a stretch, or to add resistance in strength training.

Yoga wheels are a more recent accessory, and have already been much-hyped about in the yoga-sphere. If you’re a more advanced yogi, you can use them to improve some of your stretches, especially back bridges. The benefit of a wheel is that, unlike a yoga block, its shape will follow the curve of your back and encourage your hip flexors to open up.


Why cork materials?

Many people who practice yoga are also focusing on improving their mindfulness- being aware of, and alert to, the goings on around them. Yoga is a very eco-friendly practice, and it’s important to look out for the environment where we can.

Cork-made yoga accessories allow yoga lovers to minimise their impact on the environment because cork is 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable. They are designed to last, but when it’s time to throw them out, you can rest assured that cork is biodegradable, meaning it will break down naturally into the environment.

Cork is also a material which is easy to remove dust, hair, or any other particles that may build up over time from its surface, giving you more hygienic accessories to work with. It’s warm to the touch, and has a soft feel that lasts for hours of practice.


Where can I buy yoga accessories from?

The best place to buy your yoga accessories from is online. You have the widest selection on the internet, and the time and the leisure to browse the most trusted brands. Buying online usually means that you’ll have a wider variety of products to choose from by the same brand, so if you’re thinking of starting a collection, you can be cohesive.

When buying online, always be sure that you are making a purchase from a brand that clearly knows its stuff about yoga. You want to be certain that the brand that is making your products understands what it is that yoga lovers really need for seamless practice. Look out for good reviews, excellent value for money, and sustainability where you can.

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