Choose a yoga kit… wisely. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you will need a few essentials such as a mat and suitable apparel. Many people choose well fitted strechable fabrics and a cork yoga mat.

The fabric may be natural or synthetic but it should be breathable. There is another essential you must have. It is yoga block. This is why you should buy a yoga kit.

A yoga kit can have a mat and two blocks. While everyone knows why a yoga mat is necessary, some may not be aware of the utility of the blocks. Yoga blocks are necessary for certain poses.

Yoga blocks can be referred to as accessories or props but they are actually absolutely necessary for certain poses. They are more helpful for beginners who are yet to develop the requisite core strength for unwavering stability. Not everyone has the same level of agility and fitness. Yoga is not just about attaining a certain pose but also sustaining it while breathing as required for a particular exercise. Balance is key to get a yoga pose right.


Importance of yoga blocks

Yoga blocks help practitioners to sustain balance. They also make an exercise more comfortable. As the body is balanced optimally and the right pose is maintained, there is better alignment and hence the exercise has greater impact. Experienced practitioners have more than a basic yoga kit as they explore complicated poses. Many of these poses are difficult for beginners but everyone aspires to achieve that ability in due course of time. Yoga blocks will get you started with poses with greater comfort and ease. You will find the postures convenient to sustain for a longer period of time than usual. A kit provides additional support and stability.


Benefits of a yoga kit

A perfect yoga kit that has a mat and two blocks will help you to try more exercises than you are familiar with. Blocks in particular can be used to modify certain poses, especially for those who are not very agile. Poses can be held longer and with no discomfort. Blocks can prevent muscle strain. You are much less likely to pull a muscle if you use blocks.

When including blocks will also reduce the quantum of energy you need to attain a pose and sustain it. Pregnant women will realize yoga is much more convenient when using such blocks.

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How to use yoga blocks?

When getting a yoga kit, make sure it bring blocks, since they are truly important to yoga practice.

Yoga blocks can be used under the feet and hands. They can be used in stretching exercises and other yoga poses where the posture has to be corrected given the alignment of the body. Poses such as chandrasana and ardha require yoga blocks. Some people struggle to attain the lotus pose. Blocks can help. Older people who do not have agile hips like their younger friends can use blocks. This relaxes the hip as it opens up and the spine is also optimally lengthened.

Yoga, like other sports, requires practice. The more you practice, the better you get at it. For beginners, even a simple pose such as hero can be stressful. It will not be a strain if you use blocks. Those who have tight thighs usually have some issues with the hero posture. Seated yoga poses can be improved with blocks. Yoga blocks provide better support to the sacrum and lower back. Blocks can also improve standing positions such as triangle and half moon. You can use a block under the head for abdominal exercises. Blocks provide support to the neck during such poses. You can also come up with your own ways to use yoga blocks.

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