Whether you’re into yoga for spirituality or fitness, having the right yoga equipment is essential. With the proper gear, you’re sure to have the most satisfying and effective yoga sessions. Yoga styles vary, but in every type and execution, the following gear will enhance enjoyment and endurance.


So, what yoga equipment do you really need to bring to your daily practice?

Yoga mat and bag

This fabricated material allows you to make steady and stable executions. The yoga mat is your basic friend as it helps prevent your body or hands and feet from slipping and from sliding. When looking for a yoga mat,  check for comfort, stretch, and just the right stickiness. We cannot recommend enough our own cork yoga mat! Discover all the advantages of practice yoga with a natural and great quality yoga mat!


Yoga bag

Pack your yoga equipment in one bag and you’ll be good to go at any time. Consider durable materials. You may opt for thick yet lightweight materials. Check for an abundance of organizational pockets and partitions so you can access your small and big items with ease.


Yoga mat case

You can prolong the quality, shape, and cleanliness of your mat if you have a specific encasement for it. Yoga mat cases also provide a convenient carry of your yoga mat.


Yoga sweat-wicking towel

Yes, yoga towels are basic yoga equipment. But, they do serve a dual purpose. Besides getting rid of sweat during a hot yoga session, you can lay one over your yoga mat for a better grip. Consider a good size when you make your purchase. Good absorbing quality is also desirable as well as a hypoallergenic feature. If you opt for our cork yoga mats we have to tell you: they are water and sweat resistant and have a great grip for your body being one of the best anti-split yoga mats we ever tried! Our cork yoga mat is also antibacterial and easy to clean so don’t worry if you forgot your towel at home.


Yoga water bottle

Without hydration, it’s inconceivable to have any healthy workout and meditational session. Stock yourself with a ready volume of water through a water flask. Why not pack some sliced lemons and squeeze one in with each refill!


Yoga block or yoga brick

Work your way into stable and well-executed poses with the help of a yoga block or yoga brick. These come in cork, wood, foam, and even rubber. This yoga equipment allows for a more relaxed and comfortable maneuver and positioning. Use one to support your spine, back, and head. Or grab a pair to extend your arms with.When opting for our cork yoga bricks you’ll have several good reasons to love them as much as we do! Confortable, steady and water/sweat resistant: the perfect durable yoga bricks!


Yoga straps or yoga belts

Give yourself more flexibility with the aid of yoga straps or belts. These can loosen those tight hamstrings of yours and other parts of the body that are still working their way into being more flexible. They also provide stability whenever you do a hand stand as they keep your arms together. Incorporate them in your poses for more control while staying more relaxed. Advanced yoga practitioners also like using these this yoga equipment to make the sessions more challenging.


Essential oils, diffusers, incense sticks, or scented candles

Infuse some aromatherapy on your yoga sessions. These are great aids to deep meditation and body relaxation. Certain oils produce scents that put your body and mind in a most relaxed state. Why not try switching aromas between lavender oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and even cedarwood?



Music and music playlist are commonly used in yoga and other types of health and fitness sessions. The right type can pump you up or cool you down. Switch genre and themes as you prefer. Have a separate playlist for your warm-ups and cool-downs. And, have another playlist during yoga sessions. For choices, you can check out classical music or even pop. Meditational music is a basic choice as well as chants, chimes, and nature sounds. How about strings, percussions or both?


There are more yoga gear you can include in your inventory. Yoga blankets, meditation cushions, eye pillows, and a lot more. The goal is to experience a great and beneficial time doing yoga. So, get some yoga equipment as it will definitely help you execute better poses and be confortable and confident about it.