What shoud you choose to purchase when you starting out Yoga?

You have finally succumbed to the pressure of your friends and want to try yoga.  Good for you!  You are about to take the first step to a healthier life with a much clearer mind.  Yoga is a great way to take a break from the stress of everyday life and allow yourself to tap into your inner core.

Now that you are ready to commit, it is time to think about some of the essentials that you can get to a more confortable exercise.  We know it may be a little overwhelming choosing what to buy for yoga, so we give you a hand! The first purchase you have to make should not come as a surprise… a yoga mat!


Cork Yoga Mat

First thing to choose what to buy for yoga is simple and the most needed item. You will have so many options to choose from when it comes to yoga mat and keep in mind this is the item you should invest more at as it will make all the difference for your yoga exercise.  But, we can simplify your search by suggesting the best we ever tried: our own cork yoga mat. With the combination of cork and natural rubber, you will feel safe and secure while moving around on your mat.

With two layers of cork and natural rubber, you will experience the perfect thickness of 4 centimeters.  Your feet and the rest of your body will never feel so comfortable.

What makes the cork yoga mat so special is that is has a powerful grip suited for all floor types so you won’t have to worry about slipping while working out your yoga poses.  And, it is also eco-friendly, which is perfect for preserving the best that nature has to offer. Know more about the benefits of using our cork yoga mat!


Cork Yoga Blocks

Other item that can be dismissed frequently but makes all the difference in choosing what to buy for yoga. A typical yoga shopping session should include yoga blocks.  But, in sticking with the theme here, you will want to consider the purchase of cork yoga blocks.  These blocks are very comfortable but are strong and hard enough to support your body weight, despite being a natural product.  The blocks will help to improve your balance and push you to start more challenging poses.

The cork yoga blocks offer you three levels of difficulty with heights of 7cm, 11.5cm, and 21.5cm.  This offers you a chance to really challenge and push yourself to levels you may have never thought were possible.

Find the perfect pair of cork yoga blocks on our shop and know all the benefits of include yoga blocks in your yoga practice.


Yoga Clothes

When flexing and contorting your body in ways never imaginable before, you will need to make sure that you are wearing the most comfortable and flexible clothing that you can find. You will need breathable bottoms that can either come in the form of yoga pants or shorts. You will want to have a narrow top that will not fall over your head when you are doing poses that could require a shirt to come up.

Women should consider purchasing a sports bra to wear as a support for some of the awkward poses they will encounter.

Regardless of what you purchase, you want to keep these three terms in mind:

  • comfort;
  • flexibility;
  • breathability.

In your purchase, you need to make sure that you check the box next to all three of these essentials. You will be rolling, lunging, stretching, and bending in all kinds of ways and you don’t want your clothes to hold you back.

People also need to remember to wear clothes that allow you to breathe. First-time yoga people never fully grasp the impact of the workout they are about to embark on.  It is much more than just breathing and meditation. Your body will be put to the test and you will sweat profusely at times, so be sure to let your clothes breathe!

We give you more tips about the perfect yoga clothes – check it out here!

Other considerations about what to buy for yoga

Your yoga mat, blocks, and clothes should be the first three considerations when purchasing from a yoga shop. Once you are more comfortable and invested in yoga, you may start to add other accessories to your collection.

You can add straps, bolsters, wedges, wheels, knee pads, and sandbags to your collection. These kinds of accessories will be used in the more advanced yoga exercises and are certainly something you want to work your way up to. Most yoga shops will have these accessories and can advise you on what you should purchase based on your level of experience and comfort.