Isn’t that hard to find out a yoga mat size that fits you and your workout? Get to know everything in this article.

You’ve made a yoga commitment. You want to dedicate your mind and body to peace and tranquility. Whether you plan to practice yoga at home or in a fitness center, one of the most important pieces of this commitment is your yoga mat.

Your yoga mat should be a representation of yourself by providing that stability and durability that is needed to participate in the art of yoga. One question that many people have when purchasing a yoga mat is what should the yoga mat size be? If you are new to yoga, you may not realize how many mat options will be available to you and it can be overwhelming.


What yoga mat size fits you better?

Ultimately, it may take a few mats to figure out what kind of style you most prefer, but one thing that you can work on getting right the first time is the size of the mat.  The standard yoga mat is 68 inches long and 24 inches wide.  Since this is the standard size, it does not necessarily translate to working best for you.

Each fitness mat manufacturer has the option to produce any yoga mat size they want to.  Many could be slightly larger or slightly smaller than the standard size. It is recommended that anyone shorter than six feet tall should consider purchasing the standard size. If you are taller than that, you may notice that your feet and head are hanging off the ends of the mat. And, that just won’t do!

People who are over six feet tall should consider purchasing mats that are around 72 or 74 inches. This will give you all the space you need to perform all the stretches and poses to fully experience the whole yoga exercise program.


Yoga mat thickness for a more comfortable practice

Another feature that you want to include in figuring out your yoga mat size is the thickness of the yoga mat. If you plan on taking your yoga mat on business trips, you will want to consider a mat that has a thickness of around 1.5 millimeters. The standard mat mentioned above is about 3.0 millimeters thick. If you have or are worried about joint pain, you should consider a thicker mat of 4.0 to 5.0 millimeters. The only concern with a thicker mat is that is makes balancing poses more difficult.

The thickness of the yoga mat will also depend on what kind of surface you plan on using it on. Softer, thicker mats should be used for hard surfaces while thin mats are more suitable for carpet. Cork yoga mats are also a very popular option that help with making you feel safe and secure on your mat.  They hold well to both hard and soft surfaces.


Make the mat meet the workout

Ideally, your yoga mat size and design will depend on what kind of workout you plan on participating in. If you are going to participate in restorative yoga classes, a thick and supportive mat would be your best option. This kind of mat will allow you to hold those seated and reclined poses longer without any pain.

If you are going to be in a more rigorous yoga class, a thinner mat may be the one for you. The thinner mat will allow you to hold demanding poses with the right balance that you need.  A rigorous class may also require you to have a wider mat because of the many shift movements that will be required of you.

Finally, your yoga mat size journey will end with the kind of material that you desire.  The best yoga mats that you can purchase are made of cork. They have a superior non-slip grip that dries quickly despite heavy perspiration.  They come very lightweight and are easily moved from one location to the next. The construction of the mat forces it to lay flat without any worry of sliding or bunching up. They are also eco-friendly, which is what we want to use to take care of our bodies and the environment.

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