One of the great things about yoga is that it is truly for everyone. Beginners, experts, and those with physical limitations can all benefit from learning and developing their poses and breathing skills. One of the ways that yoga is appropriate of all is through the use of props and aids. Yoga blocks are a major help for many people who cannot practice poses without a little help. Cork yoga blocks may be an even bigger benefit for a variety of reasons.


Cork yoga blocks details

The Material

There are two materials to choose from when it comes to yoga blocks. One is foam, and the other is cork. With cork, you get a more natural product that is renewable and non-toxic.

Foam can give off an odor that, while not necessarily dangerous, can be uncomfortable for people who are sensitive to scents. Cork however does not absorb smells in the same way or intensity and it is an antibacterial material that also provides more stability and for longer periods of time than foam ones. they have great grip do won’t slip even if you are a bit sweaty!

Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees. The bark of these trees sheds naturally every decade or so, which means it can be harvested without causing any harm to the tree. Because it is made from natural materials, it, as well as cork yoga blocks of course, will biodegrade naturally when no longer in use.



Cork blocks are softer in texture than foam ones. This makes them easier to grip. This is especially important for some of the more challenging poses. Not only that, but they are slip resistant. When you get sweaty during a session, you do not need to worry about slipping and falling during a pose. There are also some cork yoga blocks, like ours, that are made with beveled edges. This makes them even easier to grip since it puts less pressure on the hands.



Any exercise or yoga equipment should be cleaned ideally after every use. Cork is easy to clean, so you can keep things as sanitary as possible. Simply spot clean your blocks with a mild detergent. After that, they will easily and quickly air dry.

Some people mix together home-made cleaning products that do the trick quite nicely. Cork will also repel dust and pet hair, and its scent keeps insects and rodents away.


How cork yoga blocks can help with your practice

Blocks are incredibly valuable to help getting deeper into both stretches and relaxation for any style of yoga. For instance, many people struggle to support their entire body weight for certain poses.

Cork yoga blocks will help ease the pressure so that a yogi can start slowly and work up to full support. Or, if that will never be possible, blocks will help someone hold a pose that they may never have been able to without help.



Proper alignment is vital in yoga, but it can be difficult for a lot of people. Knees can cave in doing squats or bridges, for example.

During standing poses, it can hard to keep the knee and ankle aligned. Blocks will engage the muscles that are needed for those poses and keep the body properly aligned.



Many people with flexibility and joint issues have trouble understanding and performing rotations properly. For the downward dog, a yogi must align their arms with their shoulders, and draw the shoulder blades down the back. The only way to achieve this is by putting pressure through the fingers and rotating the arms slightly.

The cork yoga blocks will help with the rotation. If you hold it between both hands when the arms are overhead, your arm muscles will move naturally into the right position for when you go into the pose.


Get your cork yoga blocks!

Yoga blocks help everyone explore more poses than they ever might have thought possible. Cork blocks provide an environmentally safe and sanitary material that you will love.

Are you more convinced you need these in your life? Give it a go and buy our excelent quality corkĀ  yoga blocks!