Mat Yoga is one of the most popular and calming exercises that people all across the world participate in. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, yoga and guided meditation can reduce your stress level while helping you feel healthy, inspired, and enlightened.

Many people who participate in this activity enjoy working with a cork yoga mat. Cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and are made of a durable grade of non-slip natural cork.  Besides being eco-friendly, there are many other benefits to cork yoga mats.


Benefits of a cork mat while practicing Mat Yoga

Since cork contains suberin, which is a waxy and grippy substance that is released when wet, your grip is increased the more that you work out and sweat. One thing that you don’t want to have to deal with on a mat is the slippery sweat puddles. With cork, some micro-holes will prevent sweat from building up on your mat. This way you can fully be engaged in the yoga session and not worry about slipping.

In addition to not having to worry about slipping, a mat made with cork provides ultimate comfort.  The dense cork that covers soft foam creates a relaxed state for your body to maneuver in any yoga position that is expected.  You will be able to feel grounded in your stability poses while feeling safe and balanced on the mat.

During mat yoga, you never want to think about the mat moving while you are in your poses. The combination of the tough cork and soft foam provides the mat with the stability needed to grasp the ground. The mat will not roll upon you as you are pulling your legs up close to your body.

And, it goes without saying, people who work out frequently are going to sweat and smell of sweat over time. Since cork is an antimicrobial, it will eliminate bacteria, germs, and smells.  It is closed cell and will not trap any of the moisture exerted from your body.  It dries in minutes, making clean up a cinch.


After a Mat yoga session…

When done you should roll up your cork yoga mat loosely. Never fold or crease the mat. You can expect to see some light cracking on the mat occur over time.  Do not panic. This will not affect the feel or durability of the mat. You should also clean your mat after each use to make sure body oils don’t build up. Spray the mat with a natural cleaner to keep the mat smelling and looking brand new.

Having a clean and crisp mat to retreat to can allow you to feel comfort and stability during your yoga session. The more that you use the mat, the more you will understand all the complex poses that you can do on it with ease. And, no matter where you are practicing yoga, you will know that the mat represents your whole self.  It will provide that retreat daily that you deserve.


The mat and your Yoga experience

Mat yoga should represent more than just a mat. It can be used as a metaphor for your yoga experience. That mat can represent the space in your mind that needs to feel a stress-free life and focus more on the natural beauty that life should represent.

A solid mat ensures that you are doing the poses correctly. Cork mats offer the peace of mind that the mat is not going to let you down. If you are too worried about falling or losing your balance, your poses will not be the way they are supposed to be.  You’ll have knees, shoulders, hips, and elbows hanging out where they shouldn’t be.

Mat yoga is exactly what you need every day of your life. When the world gets busy around you, you will have a home mat waiting for you to release all of that stress. And, as a result, your mind and body will be a strong as your cork yoga mat.


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