Mat Yoga

Mat Yoga is one of the most popular and calming exercises that people all across the world participate in. Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, yoga and guided meditation can reduce your stress level while helping you feel healthy, inspired, and enlightened. Many people who participate in this [...]

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Desired Attributes of a Fitness Mat

A fitness mat is not just an accessory. It can be quintessential depending on the type of workout you do. Yoga requires a fitness mat. You may have a mixed workout routine wherein a few exercises may require a mat. Any exercise that requires you to lay or sit down [...]

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Buy the Best Yoga Mat Online

Buying a yoga mat online is a convenient process. There are plenty of stores selling various types of yoga mat. However, finding the best yoga mat is not easy. If you have ever purchased and used a typical yoga mat, you are perhaps aware that may be slippery and have [...]

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Best value for money: Cork Yoga Mats!

Everyone has a budget while shopping for yoga mats. Whether or not a particular mat is expensive depends on that budget. Some people might be willing to spend around sixty bucks on a quality mat. Others may be looking for a mat for less. The quest to find cheap yoga [...]

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Find Out The Perfect Yoga Mat Size For You

Isn't that hard to find out a yoga mat size that fits you and your workout? Get to know everything in this article. You’ve made a yoga commitment. You want to dedicate your mind and body to peace and tranquility. Whether you plan to practice yoga at home or in [...]

Travel Yoga Mat – Your Next Vacation Investment

Traveling is a hassle for everyone. Many people travel to get away from the day-to-day stress, but enjoy bringing a few comforts from home on their trips. Yoga enthusiasts may prefer to have an at-home yoga mat and a dedicated travel yoga mat. If you’re driving to your destination, your [...]

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Why Buy a Yoga Kit?

Choose a yoga kit... wisely. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner, you will need a few essentials such as a mat and suitable apparel. Many people choose well fitted strechable fabrics and a cork yoga mat. The fabric may be natural or synthetic but it should [...]

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What do you need to buy to start practicing Yoga

What shoud you choose to purchase when you starting out Yoga? You have finally succumbed to the pressure of your friends and want to try yoga.  Good for you!  You are about to take the first step to a healthier life with a much clearer mind.  Yoga is a great [...]


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