Buying a yoga mat online is a convenient process. There are plenty of stores selling various types of yoga mat. However, finding the best yoga mat is not easy. If you have ever purchased and used a typical yoga mat, you are perhaps aware that may be slippery and have a distinct odor which is far from being pleasant. Some mats are heavier so portability becomes a concern. Most mats are toxic due to the materials used. Usual mats tend to curl up and do not stay absolutely flat on the ground. The feel of the mat is not as comforting as you would want. Most mats are not eco friendly and can also hold onto dirt. Mats can get stained quickly and there is little you can do to prevent it. Typical mats are also boring as they lack a distinct aesthetic.

So, what are the problems when buying a yoga mat online?


What you should know before buying a yoga mat online

Since most people buy yoga mats online, they are unable to try and test it. Some materials should be touched and felt to know how good the quality is. You can of course return a mat that you do not like or if it fails your expectations but then you must have it exchanged or get a refund and look for another. The whole process is long drawn and unrewarding. If you wish to buy the best yoga mat on,ine, then you must simply choose one made of cork. We have to tell you: is the undisputed champion among yoga and fitness mats.

As you know, cork is a natural material. It is an impermeable and hydrophobic material. These two physical characteristics essentially mean that the material will not let liquid or fluid to pass through and it shall also repel moisture. These two attributes make cork a perfect material for yoga mats. Even if you are in the temperate zone and further up north or south on the planet, you are likely to sweat at least a little when you work out for a substantial period of time. Yoga is not as perspiring as cardio exercises such as running or rowing but you will have some sweat and this can ruin a typical mat. A cork yoga mat will not absorb moisture. It will actually repel moisture. Those who are in tropical or subtropical places must choose a cork mat, specially if their buying a yoga mat online.

Yoga requires stability and balance. It is about accurate alignment of the body in all the postures you may try. Many yoga mats are unstable. Some parts may not be able to endure your bodyweight. Other parts may settle in when you put some pressure, such as when you press your hand against the material or when you are standing, sitting and assuming different postures. Cork can endure your bodyweight. It can also conveniently bear the extra thrust applied during different poses. The material will not give in. There shall be no change to the texture or the form of the mat. It shall remain exactly as it is for years to come.

Many yoga practitioners go for the cheapest yoga mats. This is certainly an unwise move. The cheapest yoga mat is almost certainly going to be the worst quality you can get. You will have to buy another mat sooner than later. It is better to make a onetime investment in a quality yoga mat that will stand the test of time. The sheer superiority of a cork yoga mat given its attributes makes an irrefutable case and you will definitely have a rewardingly satiating experience every time you use it. There is presently no substitute for the experience assured by a cork mat and this is regardless of the level of expertise you have in yoga.