Everyone has a budget while shopping for yoga mats. Whether or not a particular mat is expensive depends on that budget. Some people might be willing to spend around sixty bucks on a quality mat. Others may be looking for a mat for less. The quest to find cheap yoga mats should not be at the cost of the quality of the material. This is why you should consider cheap yoga mats made of cork. It is a natural material, replenishable and hence eco friendly. There is no toxic element in the material. We source cork responsibly and work with the growers while supporting them in multiple ways. Buying a cork yoga mat along with cork blocks will get you a complete kit for all the poses you want to try. Check out more about yoga equipment you might need!


Cheap yoga mats – high quality for a more competitive price

Yoga mats have plenty of issues depending on the material they are made of. A quality mat should not be slippery. It should be firm but not hard. The material should be resilient and durable. It should stand the test of time while retaining its aesthetics and stay flat. Typical mats have several problems as you continue to use one. Mats develop creases. Many fitness mats are hard to roll out properly without the ends curling up. Some mats become sticky after weeks of use. Stains are also common. These issues have a direct adverse effect on your workout. Whether you are doing a plank or a bridge, performing some asanas or trying a rather complicated pose, you need the perfect yoga mat to support you properly and not have any limiting effect on your ability.

Cheap yoga mats that are widely available typically have a limiting effect on a practitioner. Lack of sufficient support leads to instability. Yoga requires balance. The entire body should be perfectly aligned. One of the many benefits of yoga is that it can correct postural problems. While many people focus on the agility, fitness, breathing and cognitive effects of yoga, the impact on postural alignment is significant as it can prevent injuries as well as chronic conditions. Those who have lived a sedentary lifestyle usually have a postural misalignment. The natural alignment of many people is not perfect. These can be corrected with yoga. If cheap yoga mats fail to facilitate such correction then they are not a wise investment.

One of the most common complaints of practitioners is the durability of cheap yoga mats. How many times do you foresee yourself buying a new mat in the near future? You should be able to make a onetime investment and not worry about buying another mat anytime soon. Cork yoga mats will provide you that assurance. You can use the cork mats every day, more than once if you want, and keep using them for years. They will be exactly the way they are as new after years of consistent use. Cork is not only durable but it also repels moisture. It does not absorb sweat. It is dust and dirt resistant. The material does not allow microbes to thrive. Accessories or equipment used for exercises often become a haven for microbes. This is why gear and apparel should never be shared. But it is fine to share cork yoga mats as they do not allow microbes including pathogens to thrive so there is no risk of a contagion being spread around through contact.

Whenever you have to buy a new mat or blocks for yoga, you can assuredly rely on cork and get a good deal online. You can buy cheap yoga mats or blocks separately or you may consider a kit. The latter will save you more money.