As a philosopher by heart I always have been fascinated by ancient philosophy, and at a young age had quickly fallen in love with the practice of yoga, many yoga mats have already passed by my feet and hands. I know from experience how important it is to have a good and durable yoga mat, because we really can develop a special relationship with our mats.

Cork is produced with a great deal of care and respect to Mother Nature, something very important to us. The production of our mats, a zero waste policy is strictly applied, every little bit of cork is reused and not one single tree is harmed.

Learning that every time the cork is peeled from the tree it increases is life spam to around 200 years is amazing! We run this shop personally and have a great care about it and our clients.


We aim to make the world a little better. From protecting the trees to harvest in sustainble conditions, Cork Yoga aims for sustainable growth whist helping environment and contribute for social development.
For all yoga practitioners we help you to have a more down to earth experience whilst enjoying all benefits Cork Yoga products can provide.


We are dedicated to help you improve your yoga practice experience, we believe that every person has the opportunity to achieve their full potential.