Feel the power of nature under your feet with our eco-friendly cork mat!

Natural – Biodegradable – Eco-friendly – Odor Free – Antibacterial – Great Grip


Cork is natural, durable and resistant, provides a high level of friction, prevent slippage, it is bacteria and germs free, making it the ideal material for yoga practice.


For conscientious people who are always looking for a healthy and honest lifestyle. For everyone who understands the need of liberation from artificial materials and prefers to invest in a high quality durable item instead of purchase several over the years, increasing waste.


From who understands the need of being truthful and gentle to our planet. From who wants to breath better and live deep in awareness. From who is grateful to use natural materials provided from earth itself.

Cork made in Portugal!

Cork is one of the biggest contributes Portugal has to offer to the yoga community, as we proudly are the biggest cork producers in the world. We combine our love for yoga with our respect for nature to make efforts in keeping our cork tradition and our oak trees alive. From yoga lovers to yoga lovers, we offer a sustainable well known and tested product at a fair price.

Why cork?

The simplicity of cork speaks for itself, we are certain that anyone who tries our cork mats won’t go back to any other. It is extremely durable, elastic, high quality and durable. Try it and never stop using it as you’ll quickly fall in love. Our cork mat will give a whole new meaning to any yoga practice.

That’s what cork is all about!

Environment Responsibility

Our concern for the environment is real and very present in our production method: all of the cork leftovers are recycled.
Not only trees are never cut down but the harvesting process actually helps trees grow larger and increases their lifespan.
Beside, we bet you didn’t know that harvest process of cork helps trees absorb 3 to 5 times more CO2.


To take a stance in yoga is to take a stance in life.

Yoga poses work in all dimensions of the mind, body and spirit by contracting and relaxing the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous systems. Yoga will help you to cultivate the concentration and calmness.

When we assume a correct and harmonious posture through the practices of asanas and pranayamas, we rejuvenate the body and mind and consequently increase longevity.

Through  yoga poses we acquire a healthy, strong, flexible, resilient and harmonious body through a spiritualized practice of action.

  • develops body musculature

  • stretches muscles giving agility to movements

  • increases lung capacity

  • improves oxygenation

  • improves detoxification

  • harmonizes the endocrine system

  • reduces stress

  • generate inner peace

  • improves postural alignment

  • improves blood circulation

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